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Alex Dupree


Alex Dupree is a musician and writer living in Los Angeles. In 2005, he made his first record with The Trapdoor Band on a cassette 4-track in Austin, TX. The band quickly acquired more players and a more raucous live energy, and in 2007, Belle City Pop! released their studio follow-up Las Meridanzas. During that time, Alex was touring with dear friends and label-mates Zookeeper (ex Mineral, Gloria Record) after having played DIY shows across the country with The Whiskey Priest and Balmorhea. Writing from those traveling years coalesced into 2009's Crown & Anchor. After a move to northern New Mexico, and inspired by a tradition of psuedonymous songwriters, Alex began releasing new music as "Idyl": Elements of the Field in 2012 and Loyalties in 2013.

By this time, he was living in Houston and performing with Bradley Kerl on drums. They toured together as a duo, working out ideas for a new collection of songs, then spent four days in the studio sketching the groundwork for a new record. Alex moved to California in 2013 to study poetry, but work on the new songs continued. This latest full-length, You Winsome, You Lonesome, was released by Keeled Scales under his own name in 2017. Since then, he has supported The Shivers, A. Savage, and Aisha Burns on tour, and hosted a residency in  Austin that featured Adam Ostrar, RF Shannon, and Jana Horn among others. He is currently living in Los Angeles, where he also plays in the country bands Mister Paradise and Dawn & Dupree.







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